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ملکه زیبایی که پس از کسب 300 عنوان زیبایی باز نشسته شد!

July 16, 2011

ایدن وود دختری است که تنها تا سن 6 سالگی توانسته بیش از 300 عنوان زیبایی را در مسابقات مختلف زیبایی کسب کند

وی چندی پیش خداحافظی و کناره گیری خود را از تمامی مسابقات زیبایی اعلام کرد

Meet Eden Wood. At the ripe young age of six and with 300 wins under her sash, Wood has announced her retirement from the beauty pageant circuit. Wood made a name for herself on the much maligned (though certainly addictive) TLC reality show, “Toddlers & Tiaras” — the show on which one can watch the under-five set model Madonna-esque cone bras, while overbearing stage mothers force their terrified toddlers to get their eyebrows waxed and bleach their teeth.



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